A frugal person’s happiness

You know what makes me happy? I’m not really like other (normal?) people because I don’t feel happy when I buy new things. When I go shopping, I just feel like I probably don’t really need whatever I’ve bought and that it’s better to just invest my money for a rainy day.

What actually makes me happy is using something until I can’t use it anymore. Like my blender that I bought third-hand for $5 and used almost everyday for 8 years. Or, the towel that is threadbare and thin from years of use, which I’ll cut up and use for rags. Or, the feeling of using an entire bottle of shampoo up entirely. Or, eating every last thing in my cupboard and fridge before I go on vacation. I’m most definitely freakishly frugal perhaps.

Readers: what makes you happy? Frugal living or retail therapy?

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