Building an Online Empire: The Pieces are Falling into Place

Building an Online Empire

All the pieces of my online empire are falling into place

Building an Online Empire: Everything Going Right

Lately it seems that everything has been going my way as I continue with the building of an online/self-publishing empire in preparation for my return to Canada in 8 months where I hope to make a living doing that full-time.

I finished work a couple weeks ago and have been spending a few hours in the office each day, building websites, writing books, doing self-promotion and other stuff like that and I feel like it’s already paying off in terms of visibility and  in the amount of money I’m making. The best news is that I don’t return to work full-time in September so I have 2 more months to devote to building an online empire for plenty of hours each day.

What’s Going On?

2 New Books

I published 2 new books in the last month: How to Thrive in South Korea: 97 Tips from Expats and 39 No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities: For Teenagers and Adults.

Initial sales have been promising, and I think they’ve increased sales of my previous books as well. I might break into the $200 in profit this month for the first time.

More Books Coming

My friend and I have partnered together to write a series of books about ESL games and activities for different ages and purposes. We currently have 3 books in various stages of completeness and they’ll hopefully all be done by the end of summer.

Busan Haps

I got an article into one of the biggest expat magazines here in Korea about expat investing in Korea, both online and the physical magazine. The goal was to promote this book: The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future.


I wrote an article about ESL Speaking for KOTESOL, an English teaching organization in Korea. The goal was to get a link back to my blog, ESL Speaking in order to improve its Google rankings.

Marketing in Korea Podcast

I was interviewed for this marketing in Korea podcast about self-publishing and what I do to market my books and websites. He was very generous in linking to all my websites and books and I think it will help to get the word out.

Diva Cups

Boys: stop right here! This might freak you out, but inspired by Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income and his niche site duel, I’ve started my own site about Menstrual Cups, which are alternatives to pads and tampons and much better for the wallet and the environment.

It’s been my secret website for the past few months and I’ve done nothing to promote it except mention it on Twitter and Pinterest a few times, but despite that, I’ve gotten some traffic from Google and even made an affiliate sale or two.

What Do I Attribute My Success to?

A MasterMind Group

All the online gurus talk about the need for a mastermind group, which is where you talk business with a few people on a regular basis, getting feedback about whatever struggles you’re having and giving feedback to them. I’ve been talking to a couple guys who do online business here in Korea and we’ve become even more organized lately. It’s been amazing. Like it totally propels me forward and helps me to take action. I feel far less alone in this whole online venture. We say what our goals are for the coming week and I feel like I can’t disappoint them (or myself), you know?


I’ve been spending way more time and getting more focused, actually turning down social activities, which is quite rarely my style. Going into the office when I don’t actually have to work! Not going to the beach every single day even though I live in one of the prime summer hotspots in North-East Asia.

Paying People to Help Me

You know the saying, “It takes money to make money?” I’ve been taking this more seriously lately. I’ve been hosting people at my place on AirBnb, which gets paid to my PayPal account and then I’ve been using that money to build my online business.

The first place I started was Fiverr, where I got someone to design book covers for me. They’re not the most amazing things ever, but better than what I did myself. I’m terrible at graphic design and so really need to pay someone to do this stuff for me.

Next, it was on to Elance, where I paid someone to make this menstrual cup comparison chart because my own attempts would have been pretty pathetic. I wanted something that would get shared on Pinterest and on social media and would drive traffic back to my site.

Finally, 99 Designs, where I’m in the process of getting a Jackie Bolen logo made so I can have something to tie all my online stuff together in a cool kind of way.

Onwards and Upwards!

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