Sacrifice Early, Reap Rewards Later


Sacrifice Early, Reap Rewards Later with the Power of Compound Interest The best thing you can do for yourself, financially speaking is to sacrifice early. Compound interest is a powerful thing! Make it work for you. Even investing as little as 10% from every single job you have in a broad market ETF will likely make you a millionaire by the time you retire. The key is starting early-even when you’re a teenager with a part-time…

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What is Passive Income?

An Overview: What is Passive Income? Passive income is earnings received on a consistent basis without investing effort for each and every dollar earned. Most people think that passive income is ‘easy money’ but this isn’t really the case. In reality, it demands a lot of hard work. Things in life don’t happen magically overnight and passive income is not an exception to this. Once you understand the fundamentals of generating passive income, you can be on track…

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Is it too Late to Start Investing?

I answer the question of whether or not it’s ever too late to start investing in this short video. For everything expat finance, check out Andrew Hallam’s excellent book, The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing: From Millionaire Teacher to Millionaire Expat.

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The Minimum Amount to Begin Investing

A short video about why I recommend people save up at least $10,000 in order to get started with ETF or dividend stock investing. For some solid investing advice, check out Steve Peasley’s book: Above Average Investing for the Average Investor. It’s one of my favorites for giving you the goods about investing, minus all the hype and fluff.

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What I’m Selling: ADRE, What I’m Buying: VEE

emerging markets

ADRE: Lingering for Years ADRE is an emerging markets ETF that I’ve had lingering around my portfolio for years and it was actually one of the first things that I bought. Why ADRE is not a Fabulous Emerging Market ETF (for me) In recent years, I’ve discovered Vanguard and their fabulous line of ETFs, with the cheapest expense ratios in the industry. In addition, thanks to Andrew Hallam’s book, The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing,…

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My Basic investing Strategy

This is a topic that I could write 100’s of posts on, and I probably will over the next year or two, but for now, I’ll just give a quick overview of my basic investing strategy. Dividend Paying Stocks Essentially, I invest in Dividend Paying Stocks.  Dividends are a portion of the company’s profits that are paid out to shareholders, usually on a quarterly basis.  There are plenty of things to consider when choosing which…

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