Frugal Living: beans are your best friend

Dave Ramsey is all about the rice and beans, beans and rice. And I’m most definitely on that bandwagon too. They’re extremely cheap, versatile, healthy and delicious. Except, if you use canned beans, you’re really doing yourself a disservice; they’re full of salt and chemicals and are significantly more expensive than the dried ones.

It really is easier to cook dried beans than you might think! Just as an example, here’s how I cook chickpeas:

1. Rinse the beans well and soak overnight.

2. Rinse them and add new water. Bring them to a boil over low-heat. Cover and let cool down in the water.

3. They should be done! Taste-test and if they need a bit more time, repeat step 2. Drain and rinse them well because it’s all that foamy stuff that gives you gas.

And of course everyone should be buying their beans from Iherb. Very cheap, often free shipping and they also have an excellent affiliate program.

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