Frugal Living: Organic Vegetables and other things

At first glance, it wouldn’t appear that eating organic is cheaper or more frugal than just eating regular food from the supermarket. Organic food on average is maybe 1.5-2x more expensive than the regular stuff, and can be even more for certain things.

So how could I possibly call eating organic living frugally? By taking a medium to long-term view of things. The healthier I eat and the less chemicals I put into my body, the healthier my body is and in the short-medium term, I have a much lower chance of catching a cold, or other similar things. For the overtime classes that I do, if I don’t go to work, I don’t get paid so it’s definitely in my best interests to not be sick and show up everyday. Sure, I could eat cheap junk and fruit/veg with pesticides and in the short-term I’d come out “ahead” but that kind of lifestyle eventually catches up with people, especially in the long-term.

Over the long-term, the healthier and more chemical-free I eat, the less chance I have to get things like cancer or heart disease. Even with health insurance, a serious illness like this can make a serious dent in the pocketbook, especially if it lingers on for months or year.

In Korea, I get my organic food in 2 ways. The first is Wwoof CSA, which is basically a box of organic goodness delivered to your door once/week. It’s pretty amazing and for around $30, I actually get a significant amount of fruit, veg and eggs. Most communities have a program of this sort, so search the Internet for where you live. The second way is Iherb, which is the ultimate source for all things healthy and organic eating. Cheap delivery, excellent service, massive selection, etc, etc.

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