Frugal Party Hosting

Recently I hosted a really fun party at my house for a large group of friends and spent only about $30 doing it, which is quite impressive and came in at around $1.50/ person. The first factor was the party design; it was a wine-tasting contest where everyone had to bring a bottle of red wine so I only had to provide my own bottle for the contest as well as one additional bottle for the person who brought the best bottle (although she didn’t end up taking her bottle home!).

Additionally, it was a potluck and I asked the guests to bring something that went well with wine; I made a large amount of homemade hummus and had some veggies to dip, but the guests provided everything else. Party-hosting made easy!

Here’s the breakdown of party costs:

Paper plates/cups/chopsticks/candles, etc: $5

2 bottles of wine: $18 (although the winner didn’t take hers home and I ended up with 2 additional bottles which we didn’t drink and people didn’t take home, so I actually “gained” 2 bottles of wine).

Hummus + Veggies (ingredients mostly from Iherb, including the dried beans which I made myself): $5.

Cardboard and marker for score-keeping: $2

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