Squidoo moving to Hubpages

So I just got an email a couple of days ago announcing that Squidoo is now moving their top pages over to Hubpages and the bottom ranking lenses will be not be hosted by either of these two sites.

I’ve yet to transfer my lenses, so can’t comment on that, but it’s actually like my biggest fear has come true. When you use a site like Squidoo, or Hubpages you really have no control in situations like this. You can spend hours or days building up a page and then you can lose it in an instant and there’s nothing you can do.

But onwards and upwards for me! It perhaps really is time to make the break from these kinds of sites and just do my own thing. The learning curve is a bit steeper, but the potential rewards are greater and the best thing is that I’ll have full control over my own online content.

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