Teaching Abroad and Going Home: I Got my Money Pool Ready

Teaching abroad-Get a pool of money

It’s Really Time to Go Home I’ve decided to move back home to Canada after teaching abroad for 10 years in South Korea. It’s not without some trepidation, as I do certainly know that things in Canada are ridiculously expensive and that employment is not that easy to come by. However, it really, really is time to go and the thought of signing another 2-year contract at my university was making me feel sick to…

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I think I’m just going to become a farmer when I move to Canada

Korea: Frugal Living not so Much Let’s talk frugal living genius. Here in Korea, although I do hit the frugal living hard (see this post: 101 Frugal Living in Korea tips), I do have ridiculous months where I go out all the time eating and drinking and traveling and just living life. In my world, it’s kind of okay because my normal salary + overtime teaching at work + passive income through books and websites…

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