Lack of Financial Literacy in Education


By Laur Davidson, an aspiring freelance writer Being able to balance a checkbook, manage personal debt, and keep a high credit score are essential skills in today’s society. For many decades, American students learned these skills in school; unfortunately, some states no longer mandate financial literacy curriculum. As a result, most students reach adulthood without knowing how to be financially responsible – leading to problems as they graduate and attempt to navigate the student loan…

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What’s in my Portfolio: Financial Stocks

Financial companies get a bad rap- often for good reason The whole financial sector gets a bit of a bad rap from the press, investors as well as the general public and for good reason: ridiculous compensation packages/poor financial management/extreme risk-taking/government bailouts.  However, it’s too big of a sector to overlook and the key is looking for the less-risky companies that have a proven record of good management. Here are the financial stocks in my…

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