Sacrifice Early, Reap Rewards Later


Sacrifice Early, Reap Rewards Later with the Power of Compound Interest The best thing you can do for yourself, financially speaking is to sacrifice early. Compound interest is a powerful thing! Make it work for you. Even investing as little as 10% from every single job you have in a broad market ETF will likely make you a millionaire by the time you retire. The key is starting early-even when you’re a teenager with a part-time…

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Lack of Financial Literacy in Education


By Laur Davidson, an aspiring freelance writer Being able to balance a checkbook, manage personal debt, and keep a high credit score are essential skills in today’s society. For many decades, American students learned these skills in school; unfortunately, some states no longer mandate financial literacy curriculum. As a result, most students reach adulthood without knowing how to be financially responsible – leading to problems as they graduate and attempt to navigate the student loan…

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Retirement and the 4% rule

The often-quoted model of how retirement works is that you need to save up a huge chunk of money which you invest in stocks and bonds, and upon quitting work, you can withdraw up to 4% of it per year and in theory, it should last you until you die. I don’t hate this model, but it seems to me that it’s kind of outdated for the following reasons: 1. People are living a lot…

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Squidoo Niche Feature: Investing

I’ve talked before about how a good way to make money on Squidoo is to specialize in a few different niches. Some of the ones I’ve previously talked about are: South Korea, and Scuba Diving. Another niche that I have is related to investing, and despite putting no effort into maintaining this niche (especially since starting this blog), many of my lenses are still ranking in the “money” (the top 85 000 Squidoo page). Sales…

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What’s in my Portfolio: Financial Stocks

Financial companies get a bad rap- often for good reason The whole financial sector gets a bit of a bad rap from the press, investors as well as the general public and for good reason: ridiculous compensation packages/poor financial management/extreme risk-taking/government bailouts.  However, it’s too big of a sector to overlook and the key is looking for the less-risky companies that have a proven record of good management. Here are the financial stocks in my…

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Frugal Living and Passive Income

Frugal Living and Passive Income: Are they Related? On the surface, frugal living perhaps seems it doesn’t really relate that closely to building passive income streams, but in actuality, frugality is very necessary until you reach a certain level of passive income, at which point it doesn’t really matter how much money you spend, or don’t (to some degree….there are limits of course!). If you have $5000 a month coming in, with little to no…

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