Internet Based Business- Taking it to the Next Level

Leveling up my Internet Operations: Inspiration Lately I’ve been leveling up my Internet based businesses, with inspiration coming from 2 places: 1. Moving to Canada in March 2016 and trying to make a living off of writing books and building websites. 2. A mastermind group with a couple of expat Internet gurus here in Korea. Accountability and feedback is really helpful. Pat Flynn is all about the mastermind groups, so I’ve been wanting to be…

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The Ethics of Making Money Online

scrubbing toilets

A Person with Skills Scrubbing Toilets The other day, I ran across a blog post from a trans lady living in Canada in a Facebook group that I’m a member of. She was lamenting the fact that before her transition, she was a highly sought after print journalist, but after, she had a hard time finding a job scrubbing toilets. “I couldn’t Imagine Making Money!” It was evident from her blog that she is a…

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