Building Passive Income Streams = Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom = Choices Financial freedom sounds pretty good, right? To me, financial freedom doesn’t equal luxury but it means a whole lot more life choices than you’d have without money in the bank. For example, with a decent money-pool, you could: 1. Quit your job without a new one lined up. 2. Travel for a few months. 3. Be generous and donate money to charity or help out a friend or family member who…

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Building an Online Empire: The Pieces are Falling into Place

Building an Online Empire: Everything Going Right Lately it seems that everything has been going my way as I continue with the building of an online/self-publishing empire in preparation for my return to Canada in 8 months where I hope to make a living doing that full-time. I finished work a couple weeks ago and have been spending a few hours in the office each day, building websites, writing books, doing self-promotion and other stuff…

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The Canadian Financial Industry

canada banks

Last week, I met a guy who had been working for quite a few years in the Canadian financial industry, but had had enough of it. He quit, gave up a lucrative job and moved to Korea to teach English. Give me the Information! I naturally pumped him for all the information I could get, since it’s one of the options I’m considering for my move back to Canada (although by far the strongest possibility…

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Why Do We Have to Work?


An interesting article I ran across over at Life Advancer- Humans Why Do We Have to Work? Basically, we’re brainwashed by the media into thinking the current system we have of work, work, work–consume, consume, consume is the only choice. It’s not. Living in Korea, working a kind of part-time job for the past 10 years or so has been ideal. Now, I’m ready to take it a step further when I go to Canada…

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Responding to Negative Criticism

negative criticism

Just as I was thinking about how haters are gonna hate and how to deal with negative YouTube comments over on my playlist about getting a university job in South Korea and also negative reviews on Amazon, I heard this most helpful episode on Ask Pat (episode 325: Should I Respond to Negative Comments?). You really need to just listen to it yourself because Pat Flynn is pretty much the man, but my takeaway was…

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Writing Ebooks Full Time


You know that I’ve been considering going full-time with the online thing when I move to Canada in about a year from now, so I’ve been super-focused on drinking less and building my online empire more. And, I’ve been listening to these two podcasts (search on iTunes): Self-Publishing Questions, and Self-Publishing Answers. The both talk about what it takes to be a successful self-publisher and here are some things they mention: A Platform Having a…

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