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2014 Passive Income Report

This past year, I earned $4375 in passive income, for an average of $365/month. The bulk of this was in dividend payouts (over $3000) and Hubpages (formerly Squidoo) with just over a $1000. I am going to write 2 more ebooks within the next year (hopefully the next few weeks actually!) so that revenue stream will increase significantly for 2015. And although Hubpages sometimes feels like a bit of a tough slog, I earned $1000 this past year for very little work (less than 10 hours perhaps?) so I can see the value in putting some more effort into this. I will schedule in maybe 3 hours per week of Hubpages time into my schedule for next semester.

I previously would have been quite happy with that because $365 can go quite a long way in a place like Thailand and I certainly could have bumped up my income to the amount necessary to fully live off of within the next five years or so. Except my plans have changed and this amount of money in Canada is quite insignificant. But, my pursuit of increasing passive income revenue is still a worthwhile endeavor because when I move back, $500 a month or so can be the difference between burning through a lot of my savings from Korea or having a decent chance to almost break-even while I go to school, when combined with co-op work terms and part-time jobs of some sort (hopefully teaching ESL for decent pay).

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