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About Jackie Bolen


Welcome to Freedom Through Passive Income

Hello, I’m a 37 year old Canadian who has been living the expat life in South Korea for the past 10 years working at a university, experiencing weird and wonderful things on an almost weekly basis. I’ve become thoroughly addicted to kimchi during my time here and can’t imagine a life without it.

I plan to return to Canada in February 2016 and work full-time on developing my Internet empire-making websites and self-publishing more books. I’ve previously focused on resources for English teachers like myself but will be expanding into other areas once I go full-time with it.

I hope you find Freedom Through Passive Income a really useful resource. Follow along with me on my journey to passive income awesome. You can contact me at: [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you,

Jackie Bolen





Website Developer I am proficient at various ways to build websites including:

My Life! Teaching in a Korean University

ESL Speaking

University Job Korea

Menstrual Cups: Reviews, Comparisons, and Advice you Can Trust

 Jackie Bolen

Self-Published Author After getting so many questions on my blog and in-person related to how to get my job, I wrote a book, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams that contained all the information in one place.

My second book is The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future, which is all about personal finance for ESL living overseas. If you’re an English teacher trying to figure out your financial situation, it’s the book you can’t afford not to get!

I enlisted lots of friends to help me write this next book: How to Thrive in South Korea: 97 Tips from Expats. It’s the ultimate book for newbies to Korea, or those thinking about coming here to teach English. Get beyond just barely surviving and into thriving in South Korea.

You can find the complete list of all my books at: Jackie Bolen on Amazon.

Active on Social Media You can find me on various places on the web including:

Google Plus
Facebook-Freedom Through Passive Income
Twitter-Free-Passive Income


  1. I tutor an ESL adult from South Korea. My sessions are two hours long. Do you have suggestions for one on one sessions? Thanks

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