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The AirBnB Hosting Experiment

Airbnb Hosting

The AirBnB Hosting Experiment: Complete!

I previously talked about my AirBnB experiment in this post when I was just getting started with it a few months ago. Here are the updated results:

3 months total (May 21st-August 21st)

People staying at my place: 63 nights, 8 different singles/couples

Number of people I didn’t like: 1/8

Total money in the bank: $1274 (just over $20/night)

Overall: Success!

$1274 is kind of an astounding amount of money for just renting out my spare room that I used to store my bicycle in. It was generally pretty painless and the thing that I worried most about-people being noisy when I was trying to sleep only happened a couple of times with one couple but everyone else was great and super respectful. People were strangely clean too, with only that same couple leaving a bit of a mess. The Airbnb experiment is done for now because I have a roommate moving in for a few months.

The New Economy: Airbnb is just 1 Example

I’m totally and completely convinced that the economy for the people and by the people is coming. It’s going to be a whole new world in 5-10 years and now is just the start. Airbnb is one of the most successful examples. People pay people for a place to stay, bypassing the big hotel chains that are usually total rip-offs and not so nice to deal with a lot of the time. Guests and hosts are verified by reviews so you can have degree of certainty about what you’re getting, on both ends. It’s traveling, the friendlier way because you’re staying with a person who actually lives in that city-and speaks English, which can be quite a difficult thing for people traveling around Korea.

Other examples of this new kind of economy are things like microbreweries, farmers markets, self-publishing, Fiverr (people complete tasks for $5) and Elance (people directly hire people to do just about any online service you could imagine).

An Offer You Can’t Refuse?

I think Airbnb is awesome and I want others to experience the awesomeness of it too. Click this link to get $30 off your first stay.

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