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The AirBnB Hosting Experiment

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The AirBnB Experiment

AirBnb Hosting: The Plan

In an effort to stockpile a bit of cash for my return to Canada, I’ve decided to rent out my spare room on AirBnB for the last year that I’m in Korea and I’ve just had my first guest check in.

My Spare Room

I have a large 3-bedroom house, and I of course sleep in the one of the rooms, I use the other one as my walk-in closet, but the other one quite literally is just used for bicycle storage. I live in the prime tourist destination in Korea so I think there will be a lot of demand, especially in the summer when people come here for the beaches.

Easy Money?

Easy money? Maybe, I guess it totally depends on the guests. But so far, this first guy is like a house-guest dream come true. I have some other people staying after he leaves for 3 weeks and hopefully they’ll be equally awesome.

Check Out AirBnb

If you’re traveling, check out AirBnb–I think it’s far better to put some money into the hands of an individual or family than some big hotel corporation. And, if you want a rad but cheap place to stay in Busan, get in touch with me.

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