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Am I Crazy? What actually makes me feel happy

What Makes Most People Happy

Retail therapy. It’s called this for a reason-most people get a little bit of a rush or endorphin surge when they buy something that they want. Then, every time they put on that new shirt or drive that new car, they have this kind of happy feeling about it. While the effect does wear down over time, there is always more and more stuff to buy so you can live in this permanent state of bliss forever, given enough money.

What Makes Me Happy

I am not like other people. Shopping does not bring me joy and I loathe it so much that I will avoid it if at all possible. Usually, I’ll try to buy stuff online and if not, as in the case of clothes, I’ll go to the one store than I know will have what I need and buy the first few things that fit me.

What does make me happy is using things until they can’t be used anymore. Like I actually use something enough that it simply wears out. This is my endorphin rush. Am I crazy?

Some Examples

About 9 years ago, I moved into an apartment and there was this hand-towel the previous tenant had left there. I washed it and used it for about 7 more years. It started to get holes from so many washes. I continued to use it for another few months and finally, I was a bit embarrassed by it when people came over, so I cut it up into rags for cleaning. These rags were wearing so thin that it was difficult to clean with them. I threw them out.

Back when I lived in Canada, I bought this messenger bag when I was in grad school. This was in 2005 or so. I’ve been carrying it back and forth to work every single day since then, such that the metal hooks that attach the bag to the straps have worn so thin that they’re going to be done soon. The metal attachments have already worn so thin that I’ve had to hook the straps into other places on the bag. Who uses something enough that metal wears thing? Me. I have a backup bag that I got for free a few years ago, so I’m planning to start using that one soon.

My friend gave me an old t-shirt about 8 years ago. I really liked it so wore it, out and about, a lot. Maybe once or twice a week. It started to get some holes in it about 4 years ago, so it was converted to a pajama t-shirt. It got more and more holes and finally had a big rip so I threw it in the trash a few weeks ago.

I have this table in my living room that I got for free about 8 years ago. One of the people moving out of my apartment building put it out on the curb when they were moving. It’s a homemade table and it’s a wee bit ugly so I spray-painted it black and it now looks a lot better. The legs are getting wobbly and it’s better days are done. But, it’ll last one more year for sure.

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