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2 Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites: I Have Two of Them!

Starting March 2016, I no longer have a day-job (I previously worked for 10 years in South Korean universities) and the plan was to move to Canada and go all-in on the digital entrepreneur.¬†Although I have a substantial number of self-published books on Amazon, I’m a bit burnt out on that and plan is to go all-in on developing Amazon affiliate niche sites.

Site #1: Reusable Menstrual Cups

Reusable Menstrual Cups Link. I started this site in June 2015 very slowly and despite that, got a few initial sales. In October, I got far more serious about adding content to the site and the effort paid off. As of March 2016, it’s now earning $100+ per month in Amazon affiliate commissions and increasing each month.

Site #2: Kitchen Gadget Reviews

Kitchen Gadget Reviews Link. Inspired by the success of the menstrual cup website, I started this one in Feb. 2016. Adding content to this site will be my main focus for 2016 and the hope is to start consistently earning $500+ per month by the end of the year and then eventually $1000+ by 2017.

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