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Amazon Affiliate Website: I Have Two More


Self-Publishing: No More!

Recently I’ve started to move away from self-publishing on Amazon. I wrote books exclusively for ESL teachers abroad (see my author page on Amazon), and now that I’m not doing that as a job, it doesn’t hold much interest for me. These days, I’m far more interested in Amazon affiliate websites.

Amazon Affiliate Website #1…I Learned a Lot!

A year or so ago, I bought a domain and developed my first Amazon affiliate site, Reusable Menstrual Cups.  After a whole lot of mistakes and slips and stumbles along the way, I finally figured it out. By figure it out I mean started to get some traffic to the site, and converted those visitors into sales on Amazon (and then I make a commission from that). While I do make a couple hundred dollars each month from this site with no real work apart from checking in on it every few weeks, I got something a whole lot more valuable. I learned a lot of stuff. A whole lot of stuff. About self-hosted websites, SEO, landing pages, content marketing, and social media.

Amazon Affiliate Website #2…A lot of Potential

After that very positive experience, and the fact that I’m not so interested in self-publishing these days, I decided to put more of my time and energy into more Amazon affiliate sites. I’m now currently in the process of getting Kitchen Gadget Reviews up and running.

Amazon Affiliate Website #3…In News of Random

While doing keyword research for that site, I ran across an interesting niche. Deep Fried Turkey. There’s a decent number of searches for keywords related to it, but no decent websites out there. So, I started one! Here it is: Love Deep Fried Turkey. I’m gradually getting more content up there and hope that it will start to get some traffic and make some sales by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around!

Amazon Affiliate Website #4…I Bought One!


I also had a pool of money from my pension payout and savings from teaching English in Korea. I wavered back and forth about how to use that money, but I eventually decided to buy some websites. For the past few months, I’ve been perusing Empire Flippers every few days, waiting for the right one to come along. And, it finally did! I just bought Best CrossFit Shoes for around $12,000. I chose this particular one because it’s a niche I understand, the content is reasonably well-written, and the site is designed extremely well, far better than I could do it myself. I actually hope to learn quite a few new things by going through this site page by page and seeing what sorts of plugins are used, etc.

The Plan for Best CrossFit Shoes:


The whole process for buying Best CrossFit shoes with Empire Flippers was pretty painless and took less than two weeks from the time I put down the deposit to the time everything was in my name. I’m now going through the website post by post, updating any old links, adding in some new affiliate links, correcting any grammar mistakes, etc. Page 2 of 11 is now done so it’ll be a bit of a slog! But once that’s done, it’s new content time! It’s a huge niche, with a good amount of traffic from Google already and a lot of potential. I hope that I can optimize the traffic for sales a lot better than the previous owner did. He’d often review products but then not included an affiliate link! That seems like a really bad idea for an Amazon affiliate site!

The Future for my Amazon Affiliate Websites:

The plan is to work hard to write content for these sites, get some search engine traffic from Google and then make some sales! Easy to say, a bit more difficult to do. But, I’m pretty optimistic that I do, perhaps, know enough about this whole world to make it happen.

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