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Another Ebook: Financial Freedom for English Teachers

I’ve been encouraged by the sales of my first book, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams which was an experiment of sorts and am feeling inspired to write another one during my winter vacation. Although I’ll be traveling to Canada and Vietnam, I’m not actually doing any teaching and I will have significant chunks of time to devote to it.

The first book was a niche book and I knew that sales would be consistent over time but that I’d never sell lots of copies because it just doesn’t have general appeal. However, I still think it was a worthwhile endeavor because I essentially had to do no research and much of the material I’d already written on my blog (I took it down after publishing the book!), and it didn’t take me that long to write (a week).

This time, I hope to appeal to a wider audience, English teachers who teach abroad. Most of the topics will be things that I’ve already covered on this blog and my other one, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University such as choosing a country/job wisely, living frugally to pay off loans, building an emergency fund, budget travel, basic investing knowledge and ideas to build passive income. Essentially, how to go from someone just out of school with student loans to someone who is financially free and has plenty of choices for their future, all while traveling the world and having some amazing adventures. This one will take me more than a week, especially with the investment part of it because even though I know the content really well, I’m sure people will want some stats to back up what I’m saying!

My goal is to have it up on Amazon before I head back to work in March. As they say in Korea, “Fighting!” Don’t forget to sign-up for my monthly newsletter for news about the book release.

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