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August 2014 Passive Income Report

August 2014 was a pretty slow month in terms of passive income, totaling $216.46. But, I added up the total, year to date and it’s around $2500. Not bad for the very little amount of time and energy I put into it. You can see my passive income report here.

Something I am happy about is Iherb, which I am getting an increasing amount of money from each month. Something that seems to be working is reporting when Iherb has a free shipping to Korea deal going on, on Facebook in my profile and in some of the groups I belong to.

Compared to previous years:

Aug. 2011: 154.26
Aug. 2012: 251.21
Aug. 2013: 235.85

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  1. Are your dividend payouts coming from blue chips or a mix or portfolio? Very interesting!

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