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Drinking Less- Building My Empire More

Disturbing Happenings in My Life

Money Diet March opened up my eyes to just how much money I spend on drinking and eating out. It was kind of staggering, and drinking and hanging out in expat bars a lot is really not how I want to live my life. Sure, it’s fun to see all your friends and talk and get loud and happy, but waking up the next morning with a hangover, $50 lighter in the wallet isn’t a great way to live, if it happens almost every weekend.

There’s just something about Korea and more specifically Busan where I live-just so much of the social life happens in bars and restaurants. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a country that consumes more alcohol than anyone else in the world.

Onwards and Upwards

Anyway, onwards and upwards to bigger and better things for me, which mainly involves building my online empire in preparation for the return to Canada, where I have this crazy idea that I can maybe not actually get a job and instead make my living off of online stuff.

It’s amazing how much more time and energy I have for stuff when I’m not drinking (a lot-I have been having the very occasional beer or glass of wine with friends) and here’s what I’ve been doing:


My first foray into the YouTube world is a new series of videos I’m doing on How to Get a University Job in South Korea. So far, my channel only has 2 videos, but my goal is to eventually have 20 of them. I also have ideas for 2 more channels that I want to make which will get some exposure for my Amazon books.

ESL Speaking Website

I started this site around the same time I stopped drinking and already it has a good amount of traffic and even better, it’s the number one reason my email list is growing by 3-5 subscribers a day.

2 More Books!

If you listen to any of the Internet marketing gurus out there like Pat Flynn, they always talk about the “funnel,” which is how you attract people into your empire with something free, but really useful. And then you keep offering them more useful content until you finally “pitch” them something (not junk of course, but also something really useful!) So, I’ve been working on two books about ESL Speaking Activities and Games (one for adults and one for kids) that I think will be the perfect complement to the website ESL Speaking.

Making the stuff that I have better

I’ve been listening to these two really helpful podcast: Self Publishing Questions and Self Publishing Answers and have been inspired to do a lot of the small things better. For example, I updated my previous books and added a section at the end asking readers to leave a review over on Amazon (with a link to the book).

Anyway, cheers to building my empire? Haha!

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