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Busy at the day job

These days, final exams are looming and I have a lot of grading and other stuff to do at the day job, so I’ve been neglecting my blogs and Squidoo and the social media that is so important to making it online. It’s frustrating. Enough so that I’m seriously considering limiting the amount of overtime that I do each week.

My day job consists of 9 teaching hours, which requires an average of around 5-10 hours/week of prep, admin and grading. If I did less than 5 overtime hours, I could quite easily devote around 20 hours/week to my online ventures. It seems like a big step to make though. It’s like a bit of a leap of faith to actually rely on my online things for a significant chunk of my income, instead of just the “extras” that I use it for now, like vacations or cat supplies. Anyway, I have a whole summer to contemplate!

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