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Side Gigs for Teachers: Ways to Actually Make Money


Are you Ready to Change your Life? Get your Side Gigs On! It’s a fact that teachers around the world are underpaid. Maybe you’re one of them, and feel like you just can’t get ahead financially. You have bills to pay and you’re not sure where the money is coming from. Or, you just can’t seem to save for retirement, or your children’s education. It’s time to get your side hustle going on. You can…

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How To Make Money In Your Spare Time: Affiliate Marketing & Other Great Side Hustles


Hey there everyone, it’s Jackie here. Today we have a guest post from Victoria Greene. She offers some excellent advice for how to get your side gig on. Thank you! How to Make Money in your Spare Time Are you into the idea of lifestyle design and having more freedom in your day-to-day life? As long as you’re prepared to work hard to make your dreams a reality, then starting a side hustle in your…

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It’s Crunch Time: No More Day-Job

After an entire year and a half of back and forth and then back again, I finally made a decision about what I’d do when I moved to Canada. Despite being a little bit crazy, perhaps, I decided to go all-in on the digital entrepreneur and make my living off of Amazon Affiliate niche sites and self-publishing books. I got my last paycheque from my university in South Korea about a week ago and now…

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On Being a Writer, a Few Thoughts


A Few Thoughts on Being a Writer For a lot of people, it seems like their identities are wrapped up in their jobs. When you meet someone for the first time, one of the first questions that gets asked is, “What do you do?” Or, if someone asks you what you’re all about, your answer will often be related to what do you for a living. In 2 Days, I’m a “Teacher” No More In…

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September 2015: Killing it on the Passive Income

Jackie’s Big Life Question, Answered If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I’m moving to Canada in a few months (Feb. 2016) and the big, big question was what I was going to do for work. I wavered, here and there and there and back again but eventually I decided to just go all-in on the digital entrepreneur and write more books and get a whole lot more content out there into the world…

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How to Self Publish a Book on Amazon

So you think you want to write a book and self publish it. I have some good news for you: it’s easier than ever to self-publish with Amazon’s self-publishing platforms, KDP and CreateSpace. I have some bad news for you too: although I’m not inside your head, I have a feeling that in order to actually make any money off of it will be far harder than you actually think it is. It’s not impossible,…

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February 2015 Passive Income Report

February 2015 came in with a total passive income of $471.03. Check out the February 2015 Passive Income Report for all the details. Everything was pretty much normal except for a $150 sponsored blog post that I did over on my other site, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University for a car insurance company offering English service to foreigners. Sales of my eBooks which came in at an impressive $85.38. February is a slow…

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January 2015 Passive Income Report

Better late than never! I was traveling around Vietnam for the past few weeks and wanted to take a technology break, which is why this report is only happening in the middle of February. I earned a total of $272.92 this month-for all the details you can check out: January 2015 Passive Income Report. While not a huge number, I’m pretty optimistic about it for the following reasons: 1. Ebook sales of How to Get…

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November 2014 Passive Income Report

November 2014 Passive Income came in at $288.14. For the breakdown and comparison to the previous few months, check out: Passive Income Report The bulk of my income came from dividend paying stocks and Hubpages (formerly Squidoo), as usual but a nice addition was $42.68 in sales from my my new Ebook, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams. Compared to previous years: Nov. 2013: 268.98…

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Passive Income Report October 2014

October 2014 wasn’t a great month for me in terms of passive income with a total of $253.44. Check out my October 2014 passive income report. Iherb and Amazon were pretty disappointing partly due to Iherb not offering any free shipping to South Korea and traditionally dividends are not plentiful in November. Compared to previous Years: 2013: $268 2012: $296 2011: $352 2010: $28 Onwards and upwards! My Ebook should be coming out in the…

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My Current Passive Income Streams (and my day-job)

I’ve been on this journey towards financial freedom through passive income for a few years now and have developed a few different passive income revenue streams.  While I’d like to get a few more up and running in the next few years (diversification in this area is golden!), the ones I’m currently doing are plugging along and expanding, without a significant amount of effort on my part.  I’ll outline them here and in the coming…

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