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Unsolicited Advice and Why I Don’t Give a S*&# About It

Thanks, I Guess? Being out in the world of the Internet leaves you open and available for unsolicited advice of all kinds. I get an email or a message at least a couple times a week from people, both friends and random Internet netizens offering me advice that I didn’t ask for, on a whole range of topics. Now, I’m not hating on these people because at some level, they really do just want to…

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Going Home After Teaching Abroad, My Plan-Updated

Korea: I’m Kinda Over You These days, I am totally and completely burnt out on the teaching in Korean universities, as perhaps demonstrated by some recent posts over on my other blog, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University: Korean University Jobs: The Golden Handcuffs Some Less than Exciting Work Options Anyway, not to worry since it is my last semester and I’ll be leaving the land of the kimchi in February or March of…

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Research First Ask Second


Publishing Profits Podcast: Research First, Ask Second Today I was listening to the Publishing Profits Podcast Episode #54 with Betsy Talbot from Married with Luggage and they were talking about ridiculous people who ask them questions like this: “How do I write an Ebook?” “How can I leave everything and travel the world?” The host of the podcast has written entire books on how to write Ebooks so how could he possibly answer that question…

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Paralyzed by Indecision? Automate your Life

I was listening to the Motley Fool Money podcast from Oct. 10, 2014 and for the interview they had on Daniel Levitin talking about his book on organization. Listen to the podcast for all the details, but what I got out of it was this: Life is overloaded with decisions and it’s easy to become paralyzed and end up not making any decisions, or bad decisions. The way to avoid this is to automate our…

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