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How To Create Courses For Passive Income By Freedom Financial Network

Your job offers a fixed income. You know what you will be paid for the foreseeable future. This is great when you’re following a budget. You know exactly how much you can spend and save. But when debts are mounting or you are wanting to pay them down quicker, it’s almost impossible to go outside the lines of your fixed income and pay more to debt. Freedom Financial Network wants to show you how to…

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Making Change is Hard


Money Diet March Opened My Eyes These days, I’ve been trying to make some positive changes in my life as a result of Money Diet March. Basically, by keeping close track of all my expenses that month, I was shocked to discover just how much money I spent on eating out and drinking, and that was while I was trying not to spend that much. The Changes I’m Making So these days, I’m trying to…

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The Power of Positive Thinking

The other day in my book club, someone mentioned the book, “The Secret.” While I haven’t read it, the basic idea seems to be about the power of positive thinking. The impression they gave was that that book took it way too far and just repeated the same couple ideas over and over again, but it got me thinking about the role of positive thinking in my own life. Generally, I think I’m a positive…

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