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All-In Digital Entrepreneur when I Go Back to Canada: Crazy?


Canada: What to Do I’ve talked about moving to Canada in previous blog posts, and it’s now less than a year away (March 2016). I’ve started preparing in numerous ways such as gathering information about how to get the cats and my stuff back to Canada and also giving away/selling lots of my stuff that I wasn’t really using that much. How Can I Make Money in the Great White North? But, the really big…

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Multiple Domains One Host

Ask Pat Podcast Anyone who is trying to build passive income streams I’m sure has heard of Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income. Not only does he have extremely helpful information, but he seems like one of the nicest guys around. I was listening to his podcast Ask Pat, episode #259 while I was out hiking yesterday and I came across a piece of information that was ground-breaking for me. Maybe most people knew…

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Do it Now! Update Your Public Profiles

I Was Shocked to Discover…Outdated Public Profiles! In my recent effort to focus more on quality over quantity in my Internet ventures, one of the things I did was to spend a few hours and update all my public profiles to have some sort of cohesive message. In some cases, like on Blogger and HubPages, I had stuff from years ago that didn’t really make sense anymore. Even more disturbing was the fact that both…

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Hubpages Marketing through Pinterest

Driving Traffic to my Websites In my effort to focus more on quality over quantity, I’ve decided to focus on getting more traffic to the sites that I already have, such as this one, my new one (Jackie Bolen), My Life! Teaching in a Korean University and my various HubPages instead of building new sites. I think these sites have some quality content on them, but just don’t have enough traffic for me to make…

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Website Development with WordPress


On the encouragement of a friend of mine, I’ve just bought my own name ( and plan to develop this website, with the goal to make it my “mother-site” that connects all my other Internet ventures in a coherent kind of way (Hubpages, Ebooks, teaching blog, and Hubpages. I’ve gone with the GoDaddy for the hosting and domain name and then for the platform, basically forcing myself out of the drag and drop platforms,…

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