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Ebook into Physical Book: easier than you might think

I originally had the idea to make exclusively an Ebook(How to Get a University Job in South Korea), but that was before I realized how easy it is on Amazon to make your Ebook into a physical book. It takes a couple hours, at most to get everything set up and the price I will earn on commission is about the same as the Ebook, so it seemed like there was really nothing to lose. And, I think some people just like having the physical book in their hands as opposed to reading it on a device.

An update about Ebooks sold: about 20 so far in the first week, with a commission of around $2.10/book. So far I’m pretty happy with that, especially considering that it’s kind of “late” in the season because most people who are searching for uni jobs in Korea have already found one for this next semester. Things will get going again around May or June for serious job hunters.

In further marketing news, I’ve set up a Facebook page for the new book. I’d appreciate it if you’d head on over and “like” it. I’ll be posting some updates and answering reader questions there.

How to Get a Uni Job in South Korea Facebook Page

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