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3 Key Things to Know about Ebook Marketing

I’ve been listening to lots of self-publishing podcasts lately including Self Publishing Questions, Self Publishing Answers and the Self Publishing Round table.

I’ve been particularly focusing on marketing, after getting some advice from Pat Flynn on the Ask Pat Podcast where he answered my question about staying in the small niche I’m in or going bigger. His advice was to hit the marketing hard, since my concept is already proved with the 1 or 2 sales that I’m making every day.

What have I learned from listening to the gurus about Ebook marketing?

Write Another Book

The best way to market a book is to write another book. With this in mind, I have three on the go! One is in the final editing stages, one is in the very beginning of editing and another is in the process of collecting contributions from friends who are helping me out with it as well as writing some of the content myself, so the very early stages. I hope to have one out by the end of May, the next one by the end of June and then last one by the end of July. An Ebook blitz!

Email Lists are Huge

HUGE! With this in mind, I’ve been super-focused on putting up some quality content on my site, ESL Speaking with the goal to get a lot of email subscribers. I’ve gone from less than a hundred a month ago to around 250 now and 5-10 subscribers/day.

Marketing is Key

Anyone can write a book, but to actually be successful and make it as a full-time author, you have to market. There’s just no way around this. But, you have to walk a fine line of how to use your time effectively and balance this out with actually writing.

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