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The Empire Grows…a New ESL Speaking Book

In less than a year, I plan to return to Canada and try to make a living off of my online ventures. With that in mind, I’ve stopped wasting my time with less than useful things and have become really focused on expanding my Internet empire so that it won’t be such a big leap to start doing it full-time.

A small, but growing way that I’m making money online is through self-published books. I currently have 2, one about personal finance for English teachers and another one about how to get a university job in South Korea.

I’ve just published another one in the past couple days: 39 No-Prep/Low-Prep ESL Speaking Activities: For Teenagers and Adults and am hoping for good things.

All the podcasts I listen to about book promotion say that publishing another book is the best way to promote your previous ones. I think this one in particular has some other good stuff associated with it, namely this website: ESL Speaking which drives a large number of people to my email list.

Onwards and upwards with the empire of passive income!

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