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Flight Tickets….at what point do you just need to stop?

This year, I decided to head back to the motherland (Canada) for Christmas to visit the family and I’ve been searching for a few weeks online for the cheapest ticket prices. There quite literally is nothing under about $1400, unless I want to linger in airports and on airplanes for 30 or 40 hours, which obviously I do not want to do when I could actually get to my hometown in about 15-16 hours on the most expensive flights.

So, I just decided to book my ticket today and not worry about it. This means I will not be searching online in a few weeks just to see if I could get a cheaper price. It truly doesn’t matter. $1400 is kind of expensive, but not horrific, especially 3 days before Christmas and my flights will take 16 and 20 hours, so that’s pretty decent. Sometimes I think there are lots of things in life that are kind of like this. Sure, you could get a better deal somewhere or somehow, but at some point it just starts to suck up your time and consume your life, so it’s better to just pay a little bit more and be done with it.

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