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Frugal (and Healthy) Living…Snacks and Meals at Work

This semester, I have breaks between all my classes which means that I end up spending a lot of time in my office and eating 6-7 meals at work. I most definitely do not want to eat out for all those meals, for health reasons as well as it goes against everything frugal living. Plus, I get a fabulous box of organic vegetables delivered to my door each week, so I can’t let them go to waste. Anyway, here is what I end up eating at work pretty consistently:

1. Salad. I get organic greens and other random vegetables from my organic box, so I wash and cut them the night before and put them in a big Tupperware container. Then, I put some salad dressing in another container and some nuts and seeds (almost always from the fabulous Iherb) in another one. I mix it all together at work and I’m ready to go.

2. Boiled eggs. Who doesn’t love them? Just bring a little bit of salt and pepper for easy deliciousness.

3. Fruit: mandarin oranges, apples, grapes or bananas.

4. Veggie sticks (Carrots/celery/peppers) and some dip (sesame dressing or hummus). Check out Iherb for lots of good dipping items.

5. Leftovers. Soups, stews, pasta, etc. I generally just eat them cold, and it’s not terrible. Fortunately I have a fridge at work so I can avoid the food poisoning situation. If not, just use an ice pack.

Even more ideas can be found at: Lunches and Healthy Snacks for Busy People.

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