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Frugal Christmas Shopping: hit the online shops

I loathe shopping. And loathe perhaps isn’t even a strong enough word to describe my utter dislike of it, which is why you’ll usually see me wearing the same old things and using the same old sports equipment and if you come over, you’ll see a house decorated with the same old stuff that I picked up over the years on my various travels.

I don’t loathe shopping because I’m worried about the money. I’m frugal, but I’m at the point in my life where $20 here or there actually doesn’t matter to me. It’s the crowds and the purposeful use of music, product selection, and other marketing tools that are designed to wear down my resistance so that I’ll give into the impulse buy. I don’t want to be a bad consumer and give into this stuff, but it’s just so hard and I leave the mall or the store feeling totally and completely exhausted. Like it took all the energy I had for that day to resist the impulse buy. Kind of related, but not entirely is my utter dislike for consumerism which I refuse to be a part of.

My solution? Only shop online! Korea has the most fabulous Gmarket, which is kind of in English and easy enough for foreigners to register on. People in Korea gets gifts from here. People in Canada get gifts from Amazon, which is even made all the better by the fact that I have lots of credit on there due to my various online ventures. Christmas shopping: done in 10 minutes. Minimal resistance required. Minimal energy expended.

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