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Frugal Living: air-drying clothes

I’ve been living in South Korea for almost a decade and have adapted pretty much to the culture/way of life here and actually like most things a lot more than living in Canada. Not that it wasn’t hard at first: it most definitely was. And the one thing that disturbed me perhaps more than others was the lack of clothes driers. Koreans just hang-dry and while I guess you could maybe, perhaps, possibly buy a clothes drier somewhere, it’s very rare. But now, even if I were to move somewhere where clothes driers were the norm, I will probably never use one again. Here’s why:

They’re expensive! There’s:

1. The actual cost of the machine
2. The cost of maintenance/repairs
3. Electricity. Driers suck up an astounding amount of it!
4. Wear and tear on clothes.

Compare this to hanging dry:

1. Free, at least in the apartment I moved into which had one already installed. Or, if you have to buy one, it’s maybe $20.
2. $0
3. $0
4. None

Of course, it takes a bit more time to hang stuff up, but it’s actually not a big deal. A big load of laundry maybe takes me 5 additional minutes.


  1. I gotta disagree on air drying clothes. I grew up air drying clothes and I really disliked it. Not only did the hot sun destroy my clothes discoloring and fading them it was also a pain in the ass hanging them. Also you have to worry about people stealing your clothes if you are not in the best neighborhood to do so.

    Just my opinion but I am sure most will differ

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