Frugal Living: Road Trip Snacks

I love going on road trips around Korea because when I just stay in the city and work lots, I forget how beautiful it really is here and how peaceful the countryside can actually be. It really isn’t just a concrete jungle, but it’s a country filled with mountains, little streams and rivers and secluded temples. As much as I love road trips, what I love even more is doing it frugally and the #1 way to go frugal on road trips is by packing snacks instead of eating out all the time. It’s always cheaper and usually a whole lot healthier than restaurant food. If it’s up to me, I’ll always eat snacks for breakfast and lunch and then eat something delicious for dinner, since part of the fun of a trip is trying the local cuisine. Here are my top five tips for road-trip snacks:

1. Talk to your road-trip friends. Suggest that they could bring some snacks as well and you could go “pot-luck style.”

2. Don’t just bring junk food. I like to bring veggies and dip (packaged stuff, or perhaps hummus) as well as lots of fruit and nuts. Wash and cut it all up at home when you have access to a full kitchen. Junk food is really easy to buy anywhere, but healthy stuff is not.

3. Bring your favorite beverages with you. I like to drink wine when the weather is a bit cool so I’ll usually bring a bottle or two with me, which I picked up for cheap at the local supermarket. It’s way cheaper than the same bottle you’d buy at the convenience story (if they even have any).

I’ll also bring a small electric kettle and a French-Press or drip-cup thing as well as a travel mug so I can make my own coffee in the morning.

4. My new favorite road-trip snack is rice cakes, with PB & J. My friend introduced it to me-it’s surprisingly delicious.

5. Bring some extra ziplock bags so you can take things like rice cake PBJ’s on the road with you if you’ll be away from your hotel or campsite at lunch.

Not especially healthy, but if you want to be really popular on your road-trip, don’t forget the Craisins and granola bars:

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