How to Make Money Online the Not-Sketchy Way

How to make money online

Sketchy Ways to Make Money Online? There are Plenty of Them

Let’s be real-there are plenty of sketchy, sketchy people out there looking to scam others in order to make money online. This includes doing a whole variety of less than stellar things such as selling get-rich-quick courses, plagiarized ebooks, and other sorts of useless junk, or recruiting people into pyramid schemes. These things that people do to earn money online are sketchy and I certainly wouldn’t recommend getting involved with them. These schemes are also short-lived. Sure, you can earn some money quickly but if you’re in it for the long-term, they’re not going to work because people will be on to you and will never trust you again.

However, making money online certainly is possible in the long-term through non-sketchy methods which I’ll outline below in my 5 principles for doing online business.

How to Make Money Online while not being a Total Sleaze-Bag

Principle #1: Where are the Pain Points?

If you want to be successful online, you have to figure out what problems people are having, or where their pain points are. Then you have to provide a product or service that solves their problem. If you’re genuinely trying to help people solve problems that they have, then making a bit of money through that is no problem at all. Your customer gets a product or service they need and you get a bit of money in exchange for providing that to them. Everyone is happy with this scenario.

Principle #2: Products or Services-Offer the Basic Thing for Free

Give people a chance to try before they buy so they know exactly what they’re getting into before they hand you over some of their money. For example-I have samples of my various ebooks all over the Internet. Here’s an example of one such post: Picture Prompt ESL Warm-Up for Kids and Adults.

Note how I gave away one of the ESL Warm-Ups for free and then I mentioned that there are 38 more just like it in the book. If someone thinks that activity I’ve posted for free is crap, well, they won’t buy the book and they won’t be angry at me or leave me a negative review. However, if someone thinks it’s great and buys my book on the basis of that-they’ll know exactly what they’re getting-38 similar activities of similar quality.

Principle #3: Never Ever Sell Email Addresses

It can be kind of tempting to do something like sell email addresses, but it’s always a mistake. It definitely falls into the get-rich-quick category and it does nothing to foster trust in the long-term with your audience.

Principle #4: Affiliate Marketing-Know the Products

One way that people make money online is by selling other people’s products and then getting a commission from that. The most popular affiliate marketing program in the world is Amazon where you can sell just about anything. The rule that I live by is if I’m going to recommend something, it has to be a product that I personally use, am intimately familiar with and would feel comfortable recommending to my family and friends on somewhere like Facebook. If I can’t say yes to all three of these things, I don’t recommend it-period.

Principle #5: Make Sure There’s a Person Behind your Empire

People trust a person way more than they trust a random website with no person attached to it. Be available. Answer your emails. Try your best to solve problems or appease angry customers. Of course, some people are gonna hate no matter what you do so it’s best to ignore them but if you can solve someone’s problem, especially if it’s related to your product or service, try your best to do it.

To Sum It Up

It really is possible to earn money online in a legit, non-sketchy kind of way by offering people products and services that solve a problem for them, offering the basics for free, never selling email addresses, knowing your products and being a real person to answer questions in case of problems. Now-go put these principles into action and start building your empire to earn yourself some money online!

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