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How to Write an Ebook: editing

These past couple weeks, I’ve been working furiously on my first Ebook and I hope to get it out within the next week or two. Yesterday, I posted about how to choose an Ebook topic and today it’ll be talking about the editing process. As someone who has taught academic writing at the university level, I can’t really emphasize enough how important editing is, both self-editing and enlisting the help of another person. Even though English is my first language, I frequently make many mistakes that I can see only months later when I’m perusing through my blog for some reason.

Now of course I want to put out a professional, quality product on my blogs, but I’m not especially worried about it because people don’t actually pay me for this. The Ebook is a different story because people are paying me and the surest way to look very unprofessional is to have a product filled with spelling and grammatical errors. Unprofessional= terrible reviews on Amazon and low sales.

There a few options for editing, but the main ones include:

1. Paying a professional to do it, usually online on a place like Elance.

2. Getting some talented friends to do it.

I chose #2 and have 2 friends helping me. One friend, a former high school English teacher just volunteered her services because she wanted to help me and the other one responded to my Facebook status update asking for an editor. He wants to get into editing professionally and needs a few projects to build up his resume so it works out for everyone. The best thing about it is that both of these people are English teachers in Korea so they have a pretty good amount of knowledge about my topic, which probably makes them a better choice than just paying a random person from the Internet.

Nobody has edited my writing in a long, long time so I’m mentally preparing myself and getting ready for a dose of humility.

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