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HubPages Referral Trackers


Earn Money Online

Sometimes I have to kick myself for not figuring out basic HubPages stuff like this out sooner after Squidoo became HubPages a few months ago. Anyway, onwards and upwards to the land of HubPages Referral Trackers, which is basically their affiliate program.

It essentially works by pasting your personal tracker code onto sites like this one or social media (find the set-up page by going to Earnings—>referral trackers) and then if the person that clicks on it signs up for HubPages, you’ll earn 10% of the income from their lifetime impressions. Pretty good if someone joins through you and becomes a successful Hubber. In order to link to each individual HubPage, simply go to the bottom of it and click on “Link to this Page” and a screen will pop-up with a few options.

You can also earn some advertising money by sending people to HubPages even if they don’t eventually sign-up and create their own sites. It’s the impressions that matter.

For more details about this program, check out: How to Use Referral Trackers & The HubPages Referral Program or HubPages Affiliate Tour.

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