I think I’m just going to become a farmer when I move to Canada

I'm going to become a farmer

Korea: Frugal Living not so Much

Let’s talk frugal living genius. Here in Korea, although I do hit the frugal living hard (see this post: 101 Frugal Living in Korea tips), I do have ridiculous months where I go out all the time eating and drinking and traveling and just living life. In my world, it’s kind of okay because my normal salary + overtime teaching at work + passive income through books and websites + rent from my roommate + freelance job = a large amount of money in the bank at the end of the month.

British Columbia = Bring Cash

However, I’m returning to the frozen motherland, Canada in February 2016 and I’m under no illusion that I won’t have to engage in some frugal living genius in order to avoid dipping into my savings, and I especially want to avoid selling my dividend paying stocks because they’re my ultimate retire in style game-plan. As my friend said about B.C. (where I’m moving to), it stands for “Bring Cash). I’m not gonna lie: I do feel kind of scared about the whole thing.

No Steady Pay-Check = Less than Awesome

Since I’m trying to avoid the 9-5 slow death forever, if at all possible, I’ve decided to go all-in on the digital entrepreneur and write books and build websites and try to live out what I talk about all the time on this blog. It’s seem a little bit crazy but a lot awesome. Not having a steady pay-check is the less than awesome part. Working hard for myself and not some other person or company is the totally awesome thing. I feel like my destiny is completely in my own hands and it feels scary, but I also feel more excited about this than I have been about anything in a long time.

Here’s the Frugal Living Genius Bit

Now, here’s where the frugal living genius comes in. I’m going to become a farmer, of sorts. I found this farm where they offer a free cabin to stay in, with Internet and all the other bills paid in exchange for 13 hours of farm work a week. Sign me up! I like growing vegetables and feeding cute animals. And I can be outside. And I don’t have to make conversation with people all day long, which I’m totally and completely burnt out on after 10 years teaching English. And it’s close to the best surfing spot in Canada. And it’s reasonably close Vancouver and Victoria if the peace and quiet closes in on me.

Will I like it? Maybe

So, the plan is to live here for at least a few months and see if I like it. In the rest of the time I’m not being a farmer, I’m going to hit the writing and website stuff, hard, really hard. Like 40 hours a week hard.

I want to do the writing and websites for a year and see how much money I’m actually making and what the state of my mental health is like. I still feel happy doing it and I can make a living off it? I’m going to power-on. I’m not making a reasonable amount of money and/or I don’t feel happy sitting down at the computer most days? I’m going to evaluate things and go back to school, or get a real job of some kind.

Money-Stress = Mostly Gone

The most awesome thing about this whole move-to-Canada operation is that the money-stress weight on my shoulders has now been taken off. I was seriously worried about having to pay $1000+ for a place to stay because that means that I’d have to make an extra $1000 a month from my online operation.

But, now? I think I could make a $1000 total and be all good…like I’m the queen of frugal living when I have to be. Even now, I make $1000 most months from passive income stuff and I’m only in the beginning of really putting in serious time and effort. It’s mostly just been kind of a hobby until about 10 months ago.

What’s Going on These Days

I’ll be going to Canada in less than 4 months. Before then, I want to hit the “publish” button on the 5 books I have in various stages of completeness.

I want to dive deeper into the world of SEO and learn as much as I can about that and increase the traffic to this niche site: Diva Cups by a whole lot.

I want to grow my email list from 1300—2000+ people.

I want to grow this website: ESL Activities into something way better than it is now.

I want to finish moving all my websites from the evil Godaddy to the far more reliable Bluehost.

Exciting, but busy times ahead for me.

All my Operations

If you want to see everything I’ve got going on in the online world, check out www.jackiebolen.com. 


  1. I ave every faith in you. The farmer deal sounds fab.

  2. I think that you have a nice plan. I also enjoy being outdoors, spending time with animals and growing vegetables. Simple life has so much to offer actually. I have always lived in the city and to communicate a lot. Now I have the opportunity to inherit the farm of my grandfather and I am really considering moving to the farm and leaving the busy city life. I wish you good luck with moving to Canada!

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