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Iherb Affiliate Program


Iherb: A Company That I LOVE

I think that affiliate marketing can be a very valuable way to build passive income and it’s an area I’d like to explore more, with more affiliates and more niche websites.  However, I would NEVER recommend something that I don’t personally know and love because it’s just not my style.

Iherb is one of those things that I just sort of fell into without even really knowing it had an affiliate marketing thing going on.  I think I heard about it from another expat in Korea who was a vegetarian and having a hard time finding the stuff she wanted to eat here.

I’m Hooked!

Anyway, from the first time I ordered on Iherb, I was hooked.  It truly is a world of all things healthy eating, for cheap, with free and fast shipping, with a reward program, and a bit of delicious junk food too (Salt & Vinegar chips).  There’s actually nothing not to love about Iherb!

How to Join Iherb’s Affiliate Program

It’s actually quite simple to join the Iherb Affiliate program.  You have a special code associated with your account (mine is QUJ774) and then you share that code or the link with other people and when they order, you can a percentage of the sales.  The benefit for the customer is that by using a code, they get $5-10 of their first order.  If they also refer people, you also get some of that revenue.  I consistently make around $15-20 of income from Iherb each month, which goes towards my own orders.

How to Promote with Iherb

I don’t really promote Iherb that much but the best way I’ve found is to simply tell friends about it and then send them the link via Facebook when I get home. Once in a while, I’ll post on Twitter or Facebook if they have a free shipping deal or something like that. I also recommend products from Iherb to certain countries on this new website of mine: Reusable Menstrual Cups, but haven’t seen any conversions yet.

The potential to do way more is huge. Like starting a vegan or vegetarian eating Facebook group, or a blog about healthy home cooking. Or, getting on some of the forums or big Google Plus groups.


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