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Internet Based Business- Taking it to the Next Level

Leveling up my Internet Based Business

Leveling up my Internet Operations: Inspiration

Lately I’ve been leveling up my Internet based businesses, with inspiration coming from 2 places:

1. Moving to Canada in March 2016 and trying to make a living off of writing books and building websites.

2. A mastermind group with a couple of expat Internet gurus here in Korea. Accountability and feedback is really helpful. Pat Flynn is all about the mastermind groups, so I’ve been wanting to be a part of one for a long time.

AirBnB: You’re like Free Money!

People have been staying in my spare room at my house for the past couple months and it’s been wildly successful. Like I’ve been fully booked since I opened it up. Thank you AirBnB! I like free money with basically no work. My plan for doing it was to use the money to further my Internet business since it’s not money I depend on, at all because I have a day job.

What I’ve Done with the Money

A Logo-I used 99 Designs to host a logo contest and was really happy with the service. This was the one I went with…I did some polls but like there wasn’t an obvious winner, so I just went with the one I liked best and could picture using for years to come, across any niche or genre.

Jackie Bolen





Website Banner Designs- I had 5 website banners designed, incorporating my new logo. These are  sites, this site, ESL Speaking, Teaching in a Korean University, Jackie Bolen, and Reusable Menstrual Cups.

I used Elance for this and was also very happy with the results.

WordPress Website Design Help- I’m truly not a programmer and while I can figure out some basic WordPress stuff, I knew that going into the code and figuring out how to make the blog header spot on two of my sites bigger than the default was going to be way more trouble than it was worth, so I used Fiverr. I paid a guy $10 to do it-it probably took him 5 minutes, but it would have taken me hours.

Get a free gig on Fiverr by clicking this link.

As they say in Korea…

Fighting! Investing now for the future success of my business is what I’m all about these days.

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