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Investing in Pharmaceuticals: What’s in My Portfolio


Investing in pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Stocks: I Love You!

I love investing in pharmaceuticals for various reasons, but essentially in the research I’ve done, it almost seems like a can’t lose thing. The US government basically props us these industries and does a lot of their research for them (or at least funds it) and then allows the company to patent the final product, charge ridiculous amounts of money for it and then guarantees that no other company can manufacture that product for a certain numbers of years. It seems kind of a like a no-brainer to me and certainly is a decent investment option.

More information about pharmaceutical stocks:

Check out The Antidote: Inside the World of New Pharma for more details, but I’m actually pretty convinced that pharmaceutical stocks will be extremely profitable for many, many years to come.

These two stocks total around 8% of my portfolio:

JNJ (Johnson & Johnson)- Dividend Monk Report. I love JNJ because they are such a well-diversified company and pay increasing dividends each year.

PFE (Pfizer)- one of the biggest companies in this industry and a nice 3.3% dividend with steady increases since 2009. They are also quite well-diversified and are a major player in the animal pharmaceutical industry.

Also check out my complete dividend stock investing portfolio.


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