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January 2015 Passive Income Report

Better late than never! I was traveling around Vietnam for the past few weeks and wanted to take a technology break, which is why this report is only happening in the middle of February.

I earned a total of $272.92 this month-for all the details you can check out: January 2015 Passive Income Report. While not a huge number, I’m pretty optimistic about it for the following reasons:

1. Ebook sales of How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams reached almost $50. This is the ultimate source of passive income because although it is a lot of work to write a book, it requires no maintenance whatsoever, like a website or HubPages would.

2. Iherb is holding slow and steady at around $10-20/month. The most work I do for this is tell a friend or two about it and occasionally post about a shipping deal or something on my Facebook wall, so it’s for sure another passive income winner.

3. My email list. Not in the report, but something I’m happy about it is my email list. I put up a bunch of links/sign-up forms on my various online sites and while I was on vacation, I kept getting emails about new sign-ups. The first newsletter is coming soon!

Compared to previous years:

Jan 2014: $178.56
Jan 2013: $468.71
Jan 2012: $334.42

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