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June 2014 Passive Income Report

June 2014 was by far my best month since starting this blog in November 2013: $604.57. Check out the report here, but you can see that Squidoo and dividend payments were both really high, and Amazon and Iherb were around average.

Dividends fluctuate throughout the year, depending on various factors and it’s really something I have no control over. But, Squidoo did very well for me and the best part about it was that I literally spent no time making new lenses or updating old ones during that period of time. Passive income at its best!

Compared to previous years:

June 2014: $604.57
June 2013: $441.35
June 2012: $378.75
June 2011: $226.34
June 2010: $43.21

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  1. If I may ask…how did you use Squidoo to make that type of income? I’m always looking for new options. Thanks 🙂

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