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Life, post English-teaching in Korea

These days, I’ve been seriously contemplating what my life is going to look like, post-Korea. I have 1.5 years left on my contract and there’s a 99% chance I’ll be leaving at the end of it. I rarely say never, but unless there’s some very compelling reason for me to stay, I’ll go. Going to my homeland of Canada isn’t really an option either since the death-like cold and very short winter days just don’t make me feel that happy.

So what to do? Here are some thoughts:

1. English teaching, somewhere, preferably warm and near the ocean so I can paddle around and swim with the fishies.

2. English teacher training. This will require me to finish the Delta, and become a Celta trainer, but that would only take a couple months.

3. Scuba diving work of some sort. Guiding or instructing most likely.

4. Digital nomad stuff. Making a living off of my online ventures and treating it like a job instead of just a fun hobby.

5. Social media marketing and other things related to that. I think I have enough skill in this area that someone would possibly give me a job doing it.

6. Using my savings to invest in something- a business venture of some sort.

7. A volunteer venture of some sort. Kiva and Sea Shepherd are the two that I’ve been thinking of.

Things I do know for sure:

1. Although I do love visiting fabulous tropical islands, I most certainly don’t want to live on one for a long period. I like the idea of having some sort of dating/social life.

2. I actually really enjoy teaching and so I’m not desperate to do another job. But, I certainly don’t want to teach kids.

3. I have a significant amount of money saved, so at this point money isn’t actually the main factor in making this decision. Having a happy kind of life is.

4. I have lots of options, which is a kind of overwhelming, but it’s also a good problem to have.

Readers…what are your thoughts?


  1. anything EXCEPT investing your savings in a business venture (not all of them anyway, but budgets do have a tendency to over run)

  2. take an online business course like B-school (I highly recommend it!) and then create a beautiful online-based business (perhaps with a focus on coaching people on passive income or doing online ESL stuff??) which then means you can be location independent, keep on getting more income, and still have lots of time for beaches and diving 🙂

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