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Making Change is Hard

Money Diet March Opened My Eyes

These days, I’ve been trying to make some positive changes in my life as a result of Money Diet March. Basically, by keeping close track of all my expenses that month, I was shocked to discover just how much money I spent on eating out and drinking, and that was while I was trying not to spend that much.

The Changes I’m Making

So these days, I’m trying to limit how often I eat out, and also cut down on my drinking, significantly. Instead of hanging out in restaurants or bars, I’ve been trying to exercise more, ideally with other people (I’m also trying to veer more towards the side of vegan than before).

What I’m Discovering

I’m discovering that for me, in my own isolated state, making change is not that hard. Like I truly like cooking vegan food at home and most of the stuff I make is pretty delicious. I also love exercising because of how good it makes me feel so even though some days it’s hard to lace up those shoes or meet the friends early morning for a bike ride, I never regret it after I get home. I’m also not the type of person who feels like they need a beer after they get home from work, or a glass of wine to relax at night so it’s pretty easy for me to avoid that.

What is hard is some of the relationships I have. Some people think it’s pretty amazing that I’m making changes and are doing their best to encourage me. I’ve even made some new friends with more like-minded people who want to get outside and eat healthy and avoid the bar scene too. Others…well, I don’t want to say too much about this but I will say that some people are harder to be around and are less than encouraging about everything.

What About You?

Making positive change is hard! I try my best to encourage those around me in whatever good things they’re trying to do in their lives (but sometimes am not as stellar as I could be, regretfully). Think about your life. Are you one of those people who encourages or discourages?

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