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March Money Diet Final Update

Money Diet March is now complete, so here are all the details about my spending for the month. I wanted to spend a total of $400 in discretionary spending, but it ended up being $516. It was kind of an eye opener seeing how much money I spent when I was watching all my pennies and I now realize that I generally spend a lot more than I think I do when I’m not paying as close of attention.

Here’s the breakdown:

Entertainment (eating out, drinking, coffee, snacks): $180

Transportation (subway, bus, bicycle repair, gas in car): $116

Health (dentist, doctor, vet): $69

Groceries: $151

Groceries, health and transportation came it at reasonable amounts, but I spent an astounding amount of money on entertainment for only 1 person. The expat bars are kind of killer for me and during my last year in Korea, I’m going to make a concerted effort to count down on them significantly, and attempt to have more of my social life revolve around outdoor activities such as hiking or biking instead of eating out and drinking.

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