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Marketing Strategies—>Expanding Empire

Thanks for the Advice Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income answered my question on his podcast, Ask Pat episode #324 about whether or not I should change niches since the one I’m in is so small with regards to my ebook about getting a university job in South Korea. However, on the plus side, there isn’t much competition so that’s a huge bonus.

He was positive on the fact that I had sold a decent number of copies already and suggested that I really need to get on marketing what I already have. And of course (because he’s the man), his advice was 100% correct and I’ve renewed my efforts and been thinking about my marketing strategies in a few ways:


This was previously unexplored territory for me, but I got over my fear and just did it. Here’s my first YouTube playlist about getting a university job in Korea, which leads back to my book and website, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University.

I just recorded another series that leads back to The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future and I should have it online within the next few days.

Up next is a series about ESL Speaking, which leads to the ESL Speaking website, which is a huge driver of my email list subscriptions. And the email list of course regularly mentions the 2 books previously mentioned!

New Ebook

Speaking of the email list, I’m trying to encourage sign-ups by offering subscribers a free copy of the ebook I’m currently writing about ESL Speaking Activities for Adults. Obviously I won’t make any money on that, but the idea is to bring people into the empire and if they like the free thing, they might go on to buy the not free things.

Amazon Paid Advertising

As a little experiment, I’m trying out the paid advertising on Amazon for The Wealthy English Teacher. The barrier to entry is a little high with a $100 minimum deposit, but cost per click is really low at around $0.05 and you only pay for that, not impressions.

I actually kind of appreciate the high barrier to entry because that means that people are not driving up the cost per click for everyone if they only spend $5 or $10. It’s only been a few days so far, but I’ll report back on results when I have more information.

Guest Posts/Interviews/Features in Other Places

In the past week or so, I feel like I’ve been getting a bit of traction in getting my stuff out there to the world on sites besides my own. My friend told me about a discussion about one of my videos on an expat forum (I’m not a member of it so I didn’t know).

I got featured on this website: Teach English Overseas

My friend over at Koreabridge, an expat website put up all my YouTube videos about getting a university job in Korea there.

While not official yet, I should have an article about how to invest money as an expat in Korea coming out in the the biggest and quite widely distributed expat magazine in the city I live in.

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