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Money Diet Challenge

I’ve been doing a money diet challenge for March in order to try to save lots of money in preparation for my return to the extremely expensive motherland that is Canada. Here is how I did in previous weeks:

Week 1 Money Diet Update: $117
Week 2 Money Diet Update: $76

Week 3 came it at $163, with $57 of that being spent in a single night out with the girls and then I also did a big shopping trip for groceries which was $90. Besides those 2 things, I actually spent very little, which has kind of been my normal pattern so far.

I am extremely good at spending almost no money during the week, even on my days off but then I go out almost every Saturday and drop a lot of money. Doing this money diet has been pretty eye-opening in that regard and I would have guessed that I usually spend $20-30 when going out but not the $50-60 that I actually do. It seems to be my major weakness. Argh.

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