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Money Diet Challenge, Week 1 Update

Money Diet

Money Diet Challenge, Week 1 Update

The Total: $117

In order to save up for my return to Canada in one year from now, I’ve undertaken a Money Diet Challenge for March. For the first seven days of March, I spent a total of $117 and had three “zero days” during that time where I spent nothing.

Week 1 Breakdown

Entertainment/Eating Out/Drinking: $42
Transportation: $9
Groceries: $12
Miscellaneous: $54 (Bike repair-$40, Dentist-$14)

Not Terrible, but Not Great

I can’t exactly say that I’m happy with $117 since I had hoped to spend less than $400 for the entire month and I know that eventually I will have to do a major shopping trip for groceries (I have no wine left at my house-the horror!) and fill up the gas in my car. As I talked about before, the bike was definitely a big hit on the budget, but it was not something that I was willing to go without for an entire month since I use it at least 2 or 3 times a week for exercise.

The other thing that wasn’t ideal was the amount of money I spent on entertainment. In Korea, most social activity revolves around eating out and drinking so it’s actually quite hard to have friends and not participate in these activities. I plan to try to organize some hiking or biking dates with friends so I can get some socializing in without spending anything.
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